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StatFox Best Bets FAQ - Picks for NBA Playoffs

Q: Who are the StatFox Best Bets handicappers and what makes them different than regular touts?

Our handicappers base their selections upon the proprietary algorithms that power the trends in the FoxSheets. They comb through the dozens of trends available for each game and unearth the most relevant data that will lead them to a winning bet. Learn more about the FoxSheets.

StatFox Dave, StatFox Scott, StatFox Gary and StatFox Brian are the brains behind the vaunted Platinum Sheet -- the best handicapping weekly in the business. Learn more about them by reading their bios on the right of this page.

Q: Will StatFox handicappers be picking the same games?

There may be rare occasions where our pickers agree or disagree on the same game, but for the most part they will gravitate toward their own "pet" plays. StatFox Scott, for example, loves playing Totals while StatFox Dave rides the ebb and flow of a playoff series.

Q: Which packages are available for purchase now?

The NBA Playoffs Best Bets pass has you covered through the end of the NBA Finals for $249.

Q: Can I buy picks for one day of games?

Yes, we offer daily picks for $50 (sold separately).

Q: When will the picks be posted every day?

Picks will be posted on game day no later than the early afternoon for night games and mornings for day games.

Q: I bought a Basketball Best Bets regular-season subscription. Does that mean I have access to Playoffs Best Bets as well?

No. Best Bets for the postseason are sold separately. However, if you were a regular-season subscriber you qualify for a discount off the full price of the postseason pass. E-mail feedback@statfox.com for more information.

Q: Do FoxSheets subscribers get free access to the Best Bets?

No. Best Bets is sold separately.


Updated 6/13/2013

 StatFox Dave 

One of the original founders of StatFox, Dave racked up a 59% success rate on all picks (including a perfect 5-0 ATS in the NBA Finals) and an astounding 66% success rate on Best Bets during the 2012 NBA postseason. Dave is 60% ATS (3-2) on Best Bets since May 6 and 60% ATS (6-4) on all picks since May 25.  


StatFox Gary

StatFox Gary finished the 2011-12 college basketball regular season with a gaudy 68% ATS success rate (54-25) on Best Bets. Gary is 57.1% ATS (8-6) on Best Bets since May 10 and 53% ATS (9-8) on all picks since May 16. Gary is a hefty 63% (5-3) in Totals since May 11, and also a stellar 62.1% (18-11-1) on all playoff Totals.

StatFox Brian

StatFox Brian has yet to suffer a losing season of Platinum Sheet Best Bets in either college football, NFL, college basketball or NBA since coming on board during the summer of 2010. Brian is a perfect 3-0 in Totals for the NBA Finals. Brian is 55% ATS (11-9) on Best Bets since May 10.


StatFox Scott

StatFox Scott serves as Managing Editor for StatFox and Platinum Sheet. He had a 2011-12 college basketball regular season for the ages, racking up a whopping 56-23 record (71%) on Best Bets. Scott was 52.4% ATS (122-111-2) for the regular season. Scott correctly picked the Spurs to prevail in Game 3, making him and StatFox Brian 2-1 ATS in the NBA Finals. Scott is 63% ATS (5-3) on Best Bets since May 26. For all postseason picks, Scott is 67% ATS (6-3) since May 26. For NBA Totals, Scott is an outstanding 69.2% (9-4) since May 21 to increase his postseason Totals mark to 60% (21-14-2). 

Complete records for all handicappers are listed weekly in the latest Platinum Sheet.