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StatFox MLB Fantasy Player Comparison App

This app provides Daily and season long Fantasy players the ability to make smart decisions with their lineup selections by utilizing past stats and trends. With this advanced tool, you can analyze performance for all the key situations affecting tonight's games including:

* Current season, last season, or the past 3 season's games.

* Home and away games, performance at the current ballpark.

* Games vs. similar starting pitcher profiles in ERA, WHIP, and K/9

* Games vs. team bullpens with similar profiles.

* Pitcher Starts vs. comparable offensive teams in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS.

* Day games, night games.

* Past games with similar betting lines and totals.


The StatFox MLB Fantasy Comparison Tool is built on actual performance. Just the facts - no opinions or guessing. Our stat database helps you uncover real value plays, based on past performance. 

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